When the pollster contacts us

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Who is the statistical pollster

A pollster of public statistics is an employee of the statistical office within the voivodship. Each pollster has identity card with a photo and authorization to carry out the survey specifying the subject, area and duration of the survey.

When the pollster calls

When the pollster calls to carry out the survey, you can:

  • check if a given survey is being carried out at the time by visiting the website of CSO Program of surveys of public statistics,
  • verify the identity of the pollster by calling to the Statistical Office in Olsztyn to the Enquiry Surveys Division at: 89 524 36 31, 89 524 36 32, 89 524 36 33,
  • make an appointment for another date of survey,
  • ask for a survey by direct contact with the pollster at home.