How to order data?

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Rules of statistical information sharing

The Act of 29 June 1995 on public statistics (Journal of Laws No. 88, item.  439 with later amendments) provides equal, simultaneous and equivalent access to statistical information.

Data gathered and collected in researches of public statistics are confidential and subject to special protection. These data can be used only for studies, statistical analysis and for creating by the services of the public statistics the sampling frame for the survey carried out by these services.

Sharing or use of individual data and personal data for other purposes is prohibited (statistical confidentiality).

Scope and forms of statistical data sharing

The scope and forms of the statistical data sharing are determined by the Statistical research program approved annually by the Council of Ministers.

Data are available in the form of:

  • publications (studies, publications),
  • press releases and information placed in mass media,
  • information provided directly by phone or by correspondence,
  • orders realized on individual request,
  • information placed in the Internet.

All other aggregations of statistical data, apart from those listed in the Program, can be executed (maintaining statistical confidentiality) on request of the recipient for payment.

Requests for unpublished data can be placed by:

  • e-mail: ,
  • correspondence on adres 10-555 Olsztyn, ul. Kościuszki 78/82,
  • directly in the Office Secretariat
  • fax 89 524 36 67.

The order should contain the following information:

  • thematic scope, timing and territorial scope of required data,
  • form of data (electronic, print paper),
  • tax identification number,
  • full name, address and phone number of person ordering,
  • form of payment.