Labour market in warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship in 2011

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Date of publication: 19.12.2013

Processes occurring on the labour market in warmiosko-mazurskie voivodship reflect socio-economic situation of the country. However some occurrences are specific only for the voivodship. They determine behaviour of residents on the regional labour market, affecting the possibility of working, that is also quality of life of the society. The aim of presented publication “Labour market in warmiosko-mazurskie voivodship in 2011” is to show occurrences that happened in 2011 and factors and events that have led to the current state. It contains analysis of economic activity of population, working persons, labour turnover and demand for labour, wages and salaries, working conditions and registered unemployment. Special attention is paid to some groups of participants of labour market: school-leavers, young people – up to 24 years, persons after 45 years and disabled people.